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Dr. Tamer Mahmoud


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Arabic and English

Dr. Tamer Mahmoud is a Specialist Cardiologist. He has worked in UAE government hospitals as a Senior Specialist Cardiologist, treating all acute cardiac emergencies, including valvular, hypertensive, coronary emergencies, with management of different types of arrhythmias in CCU and follow up after discharge. He has a wide experience in teaching and training of medical students through his more than 10 years of work in Sharjah university medical college as an associate clinical professor of cardiology.

He has worked extensively with chronic cardiovascular problems, with a special interest in heart failure management by using his broad experience in pre-intra and post-operative cardiac assessment.

He has done a significant number of non-invasive diagnostic cardiac procedures, including stress tests, mechanical and pharmacological, BP ambulatory assessment, and cardiac rhythm ambulatory monitoring with considerable experience in echo Doppler studies.

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  • Diagnosis and management of variable Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Management of Chronic Cardiac disorders like Hypertension, Arrythmias and Heart Failure with chest pain assessment
  • Management of acute cardiac emergencies like Acute Coronary Syndromes, Arrythmias and cardiac decompression
  • Up to date series of diagnostic tests like ECG, Cardiac treadmill test, Echocardiography, Holter monitoring for cardiac rhythm
  • CT Angiography with Calcium Scoring for Cardiac risk stratification
  • CTPA for assessment of Pulmonary Vascular Thrombosis with diagnosis and management of Pulmonary Hypertension


  • Diploma in Environmental Medicine.
  • MSc Cardiology, Ain Shams University.
  • MBBCH, Cairo University.
  • Former Clinical Associate Professor in Sharjah University Medical College.
  • Member of Emirates Cardiac Society.
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