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The Neck and Back comprises of small bones called vertebrae. The bones, ligaments, and muscles of your Neck support your head. Any injury or abnormality in the neck causes pain and stiffness. Most of the time, Neck pain isn’t a serious condition and can be treated within a brief period. If your Neck pain continues for more then a week, it calls for medical attention. Neck pain is a common complaint accompanied by numbness or loss of strength in your arms or hands.


Signs and symptoms of Neck pain include :-

  • Pain and stiffness can be felt in the middle or on either side of your neck.
  • You may have pain and weakness in your arms.
  • You may have tension headaches
  • You may feel numbness and tingling sensations down your arm.
  • Clicking or grating noises can be heard, caused by air bubbles popping or tissues and bones moving over each other.
  • Muscle spasm


Neck pain is very common and most people have it at some point in their lives. The Neck is flexible and supports the weight of the head. Injuries in the Neck can cause pain and restrict motion. Neck pain includes:

  • Nerve compression
  • Neck joints tend to wear down with age.
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Sleeping awkwardly
  • Overuse of muscles often triggers muscle strains.
  • Whiplash injuries occur when the head is jerked backward and then forward, straining the soft tissues of the Neck.
  • Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis or cancer can cause Neck pain.


Physical examination and medical history are studied by the doctor. He will check for tenderness, numbness, muscle weakness and the movement of the head. Image testing such as X-rays, CT scans and MRI can reveal areas of your neck where the nerve or spinal cord might be pinched. These tests help in producing detailed cross-sectional views of the internal structures of your Neck. Blood tests help in figuring out the inflammatory reasons causing Neck pain.


The type of treatment used for treating Neck pain depends on the cause of and severity. Your doctor might prescribe you strong pain medication.

Physical therapy can help you in correcting posture, alignment and Neck straightening. Heat, ice, electrical stimulation and other measures can help in easing the pain and prevent a recurrence.

Steroid injections are administered near the nerve roots, into the bones of the cervical spine or muscles. Neck pain rarely requires surgery except in the cases of spinal cord compression. Over-the-counter pain, relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. can be used for reducing pain. Acupuncture, chiropractic and massage can be combined with doctors recommended treatments for minimizing pain.


Neck pain is associated with poor posture combined with depleting age. To prevent Neck pain, some simple changes in the daily routine can help which includes :-

  • Quit smoking to avoid developing Neck pain.
  • Sleep in a good position with Head and Neck aligned with your body.
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags with broad straps over your shoulder.
  • Take frequent breaks between work and move around.
  • Adjust your chair and computer to align your monitor at your eye level

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