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Why Adam Vital Hospital︖ Experience the Difference

We are a premier inpatient and outpatient medical facility, with its state-of-the-art equipment and technology for orthopaedic and neurology making us the centre of excellence towards the super speciality where you find consultation and treatment from renowned and experienced doctors and surgeons across UAE. At Adam Vital, we are committed to providing compassionate care and safe treatment for every patient. Our Centre is well known to have 100,000 + happy patients. Since numbers and work speak for Adam Vital, let the figures below help you answer the question of WHY ADAM VITAL HOSPITAL︖

We Care and Take Each Step with You - We Are in It Together

We are committed to support and walk with you in your journey towards the best of your health from the very start until you get better. As soon as you choose to travel to our facility, we ensure to make travel and logistics as hassle-free as possible. While we ensure you get the best healthcare at Adam Vital, we provide 360-degree assistance towards travel and accommodation arrangement during and post your treatment. In just 8 easy steps, from documents submission to beyond the end of your treatment, our specialists are prepared and experienced to take care of all your needs


Accumulative Ortho & Spine Surgeries


Rapid Recovery Knee Replacements

+ yrs

Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Expertise

+ yrs

Physio & Rehab Experience

Submit your medical records / enquiries to your manager in contact and receive a treatment plan.

The manager confirms your appointment and will assists you with the medical visa process

Proceed with your visa application and travel arrangement

On your arrival at the Dubai airport, your manager receives you and shall assists you with your accommodation/admission as planned

Leave the hospital renewed and rejuvenated to explore the city for travel and leisure on doctors recommendation

Post-treatment, receive medical advice for followups and recover

Meet our specialized team and the doctor for your treatment plan

On arrival at the facility, the case manager shall guide you towards the executive lounge where your admission process, registration and check-in is done.

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