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Elbow Care

Elbow injuries are damage or breakage of the bones in the elbow. These injuries damage the ligaments and tissues that connect the bones in the elbow. It causes pain and sharp burning sensations along with the discomfort that may be shooting due to fractures or sprain which are constant. The treatment would vary depending on the type of injury and symptoms experienced.


  1. Tendonitis is caused by repetitive activities that strain the tendon and cause pain, swelling and difficulty in using the joint.
  2. Olecranon Bursitis causes inflammation over the tip of the elbow. It is a result of an injury or some local infection.
  3. Tennis elbow occurs due to damage in tendons from overuse. It affects the outer region of the elbow whereas the golf elbow affects the inner region.
  4. A fracture is a breakage of the bones of the elbow or a crack in them.


Common symptoms include :-

  • Pain that gradually worsens
  • Difficulty in movement of the elbow.
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness


The severity of elbow pain depends on the damage caused due to injury. Elbow injuries are commonly caused by overuse or sports activities that require repetitive use of hands. Common causes of elbow injuries include

  • Sports activities such as badminton where excessive wrist and arm movement are required.
  • Falls from stairs or ladder which commonly causes outer elbow injuries
  • Trauma as a result of diseases such as arthritis or gout
  • Sprains and strains due to stretching of ligaments that joins two bones together which is usually caused by exercising rigorously
  • Local infections such as cellulitis or septic arthritis at the elbow joint.


Our doctor can diagnose the elbow injury by a physical examination and by assessing the cause of the injury. Treatment varies depending on the disorder and the symptoms experienced. After a physical examination and assessing the medical history, the doctor may perform tests such as X-Ray, CT scan, EMG to detect any bone or ligament fractures. MRI may also be recommended to diagnose tissue injury and area of nerve compression.


The treatment at Adam Vital Hospital for the Elbow injuries depends on the severity and the damage caused by the injury.

Some of the procedures followed are as follows :

  • Rest, compression, icing are the common remedies recommended by the doctor
  • In case of minor injuries, the doctor may recommend exercises and stretches that would relieve pain and strengthen the muscle around an injury.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or icing of the injury may be recommended to reduce inflammation.
  • External support like a cast, a brace may be installed in case of fracture.
  • Specific treatments are recommended in case of pains caused due to infections and problems such as arthritis. The treatment may include surgery or antirheumatic drugs.
  • Surgery or physical therapy is recommended in case of a major injury.


Several measures can be taken to prevent elbow injuries :-

  • Use a properly sized grip on sport equipment.
  • Use elbow pads while playing.
  • Stretch or warm up properly before engaging in any rigorous physical activity..
  • Practice exercises that would help to strengthen elbow muscles..
  • Install and use handrails, especially if you are an elderly.

We, at Adam Vital Hospital, have the best team of Orthopaedic surgeons who can deal with elbow injuries and help you with the right procedure for treating them. We provide you the best treatment according to the severity of the injury. We are among the best hospitals in Dubai providing treatments for all kinds of injuries.

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