Our Health Packages

Adam Vital is committed to providing exceptional health care to restore your quality of life. Our specialists offer a range of health packages that make the prevention of diseases possible, timely checkup and complete recovery possible. Learn about various packages available at Adam Vital Hospital

Cardiac Package: AED 999

Avail our Cardiac package at just AED 999.

The package includes the following :

  1. Cardiologist Consultation
  2. Dietician consultation
  3. Liver Function
  4. CBC
  5. ECG
  1. Body Mass Screening
  2. Fast Blood Sugar
  3. Renal Function
  4. TSH
  5. Chest X-ray
  1. HAB1C
  2. Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, Total Triglycerides, HDL, LDL)
  3. Uric Acid
  4. Vitamin D

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CT Angiogram Package – AED 3199

Avail our Coronary CT Angiogram Package worth AED 5,700 at just AED 3,199. Book an appointment now

CT Coronary Angiogram or Heart CT is a modern form of angiography used as a non-invasive method and a very effective way to identify various heart problems at an early stage. A CTA can be performed much faster (in less than one minute) than a cardiac catheterization. This imaging test does not use any type of catheter insertion to the heart. Instead, the CT coronary angiogram using advance technology scans the high-resolution 3D pictures of the Heart to determine the blockage, narrows, plaque or calcium deposits etc. Book now to avail this package. Call/WhatsApp 800 AVH(284).

Diabetes Wellness Package – AED 499

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, 14th November, Adam Vital Hospital is pleased to offer a special Diabetes Wellness Package just @AED 499

Package includes :

  1. Consultation with the Specialized Doctor
  2. Consultation with Dietician
  3. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
  4. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  5. Hemoglobin A1C (HBA1C)

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