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Adam Vital is committed to providing exceptional health care to restore your quality of life. Our specialists offer a range of health packages that make the prevention of diseases possible, timely checkup and complete recovery possible. Learn about various packages available at Adam Vital Hospital

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Rheumatology package - AED 949

1. Consultation with Rheumatologist

2. Laboratory Investigations

  • ESR
  • CRP
  • Uric Acid
  • CBC
  • Rheumatoid Factor
  • Anti CCP antibody (if needed)

3. Radiology Investigation

  • X-ray (1 affected Joint)

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50% discount on Bone & joint package

Get 50% discount on ‘Bone & Joint Wellness Package’ with a free consultation with our Orthopaedic Specialist. Book an appointment.

1. CBC

2. ESR

3. CRP

4. Vitamin D

5. Calcium

6. Uric Acid

7. AKL Phosphatase

8. Phosphorus

9. X-Ray (1 joint)

Terms & Conditions :

1. Free consultation with an Orthopedic specialist.

2. Consultations are FREE only to those patients that will avail or book the package.

3. The above discount Package is only applicable to cash paying patients.

4. Bone Density Scan is not part of the package but will be prescribed by the doctor if needed by the patient. Hence, 50% discount should apply if prescribed.

5. Package is valid until further notice.

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Neurology package

The Department of Neurology at Adam Vital Hospital is well equipped to handle disorders related to brain, spinal cord, nerves etc. Avail our special offer on Neurology package worth AED 2440 for just AED 999. The package includes the following :

1. Free Consultation with Neurologist

2. NCS (Nerve Conduction Study)

3. CBC

4. RBS

5. Vitamin B12

6. Uric Acid

7. ESR

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Cardiac Package: AED 999

Avail our Cardiac package at just AED 999.

The package includes the following :

  1. Cardiologist Consultation
  2. Dietician consultation
  3. Liver Function
  4. CBC
  5. ECG
  6. HAB1C
  7. Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, Total Triglycerides, HDL, LDL)
  1. Uric Acid
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Body Mass Screening
  4. Fast Blood Sugar
  5. Renal Function
  6. TSH
  7. Chest X-ray

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CT Angiogram Package – AED 3199

Avail our Coronary CT Angiogram Package worth AED 5,700 at just AED 3,199. Book an appointment now

CT Coronary Angiogram or Heart CT is a modern form of angiography used as a non-invasive method and a very effective way to identify various heart problems at an early stage. A CTA can be performed much faster (in less than one minute) than a cardiac catheterization. This imaging test does not use any type of catheter insertion to the heart. Instead, the CT coronary angiogram using advance technology scans the high-resolution 3D pictures of the Heart to determine the blockage, narrows, plaque or calcium deposits etc. Book now to avail this package. Call/WhatsApp 800 AVH(284).

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