Dr.Tareq Aldabbas, Best Neurologist in Dubai

Dr Tareq Aldabbas


Languages Spoken

Arabic, English & Czech

Dr. Tareq Aldabbas is a European Board Certified, Neurologist with more than 17 years of experience working in some of the largest and renowned Neurosciences Centers in Europe. Dr. Tareq has significant local experience in the UAE in diagnosing and successfully treating neurological disorders and neuromuscular diseases.He completed his general medicine program at Charles University in Prague and has done Czech Board of Neurology from the MOH Czech Republic.



  • General Medicine - Charles University, Prague, 2005
  • Neurology - Charles University, Prague, 2010


  • Headache (Migraine, Cluster Headache)
  • Multiple Sclerosis and other Demyelinating Disorders
  • Epilepsy and Syncope
  • Gait Disorder and Dizziness
  • Stroke
  • Movement Disorder (Parkinson’s, Tremor, Dystonia, Chorea)
  • Neuropathy, Radiculopathy, Myopathy, and other Peripheral Nerves Problem
  • Muscle Disorders
  • Cranial Nerves Disorders
  • Memory Problem and Alzheimer’s, Sleep Disorders
  • NCS, EMG, EEG and Evoked potentials 
  • Lumbar Puncture


  • Member of Czech Medical Chamber
  • Member of Czech Neurological Society
  • Czech Academy of Neurology
  • Czech Headache Society
  • Czech Neurophysiological Society
  • Member of European Academy of Neurology and European Federation of Neurological Societies
  • Member of Emirates Medical Association - Emirates Neurology Society
  • General medicine program : Charles University , Prague - Czech republic
  • European Board of Neurology with honor : MOH , Prague -Czech Republic
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MOH License Number : AH80681 – 09/06/2025