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VISA cardholders from banks in Kuwait will have access to exclusive offers and discounts on world class medical services and procedures in Dubai. VISA cardholders can book appointments with doctors, plan treatment itineraries and benefit from the range of exclusive offers.


Adam Vital Healthcare Group currently constituted of a Specialised Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Hospital and an Ambulatory Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, is an established brand name in Musculoskeletal Medicine and a respected healthcare operator with its origin in Munich-Germany and a strong footprint in Dubai-U.A.E since 2011. Adam Vital’s Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine program is delivered by multilingual American and European Board-Certified Senior Consultants, Physiotherapists and Sports Scientists in world-class facilities equipped with cutting-edge medical infrastructure. The Visiting Surgeons Program at Adam Vital hosts renowned global experts in the field of Orthopaedics, Neuro-Spine and Sports Medicine on a regular basis, thus providing a global medical experience to domestic and international patients in the heart of Dubai city. Adam Vital serves the most advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine to local and international patients through following standalone world class healthcare facilities:

  • Specialized Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Hospital
    Clinical Facilities at the Hospital include 41 Inpatient Wards, 7 Royal Suites, 3 VIP Suites, Intensive Care Unit, Operation Theatre Suite, One-Day Surgery Suite, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, Diagnostic Imaging Centre and Clinical Laboratory.

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  • Ambulatory Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre
    Clinical Facilities at the Centre include Biomechanical Laboratory, Isokinetic Exercises Unit, Speed Court & Running School, Medical Gym, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Treatment Rooms, Back Diagnosis Unit, Athletic Performance and Endurance Testing Laboratory.

Exclusive offer and benefits for VISA cardholders

  • Get 20% off using VISA card for medical services
  • Offer is valid for all VISA cardholders from banks in Kuwait.
  • Offer valid until December 2023.

How to redeem :

  • VISA cardholders from banks in Kuwait can avail the offers provided.
  • Plan and book your visit for your required treatment. Redeem the respective offer for your treatment by using your VISA card from a Kuwait bank.

Terms & Conditions : Excluding Same-Day & Rapid Recovery Knee Replacement Program.


1. Does every participating healthcare facility receive the same discount?

There are different discount offers for each participant's healthcare facility during the campaign period. The offers vary from facility to facility, so you'll have to check with each one to find out what they've got going on.

2. Who can assist me if I need help with my booking?

You can directly contact the facility through different communication channels, such as phone numbers and e-mails. For better assistance you can mail at - or call or WhatsApp 800 AVH (284).

3. How to redeem the offer?

Whether you've recently received a VISA on immigration to the country, or are planning on moving there soon, finding healthcare services can be difficult. If you are an expat in Kuwait and have little to no knowledge about healthcare facilities, we have good news for you. DXH has developed a tool called Healthcare Offers which allows you to easily find and redeem the required discounts for your healthcare expenses.
The VISA card holder can redeem the offer if they have an account in banks in Kuwait. The offers are listed on the participating healthcare facilities. You check it by visiting the site, by clicking on the logo. After this, they can plan their visit and book for your required treatment.
Redeem the respective offer for the treatment as you require, by using VISA card from a Kuwait bank.

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The International Patients Department at Adam Vital Hospital is committed to offering 24/7 support to all our International Patients. We give your medical needs top priority while thoroughly explaining your care plan to you. And when you decide to come to Adam Vital Hospital for treatment, we'll make sure to be there for you every step of the way—from the moment you leave your nation until you are well enough to return home. It is our passion to become your family hospital in the UAE.

  • 24/7 support to International Patients with a dedicated contact center.
  • Your medical needs are on top priority
  • Strong Partnerships with Hotels, Airlines and Travel Agencies.
  • Strong Partnerships with Hotels, Airlines and Travel Agencies


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